Coïncidence - EquaDiff

Coïncidence-EquaDiff is a graphical mathematical exercise-game designed to teach you the relation between linear differential equations and the curves of their solutions.

Principle :
You will see two curves of different colors on the screen representing two solutions of differential equations: one is given by the server, the other constructed by you.
Your goal is to modify the coefficients of your equation, to make the curve coincide with that of the computer.

You have the right to several tries.The most important is to find the good solution at the end.

Simples options

Do you want to find the initial conditions witch are defined the curve?    Choose a level of difficulty:   

If you prefer,you can define your own options (the choice of those parameters will determinate the level of difficulty of the exercise):    Advanced options  .

Knowledge required for this exercise : linear differential equations and curves of solutions.

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