Suffixes and prefixes --- Introduction ---

This module actually contains 23 exercises on word formation with suffix and prefix.

Suffix: Word formation

Suffix: Free word building, meaning

WordNew wordMeaning

Suffix: Free word building

WordNew word

Suffix: Word building (several)

Root word First new wordSecond new word Suffixes

Suffix: Grammatical category (-)

Suffix: adjective or noun ?

Often words ending in - are adjectives, but sometimes they may be nouns or both nouns and adjectives depending on their position in the sentence. Select the words that can be used as both nouns and adjectives.

Suffix: meaning in words (-)

Prefix: Word formation

Prefix: Free word building, meaning

WordNew wordMeaning

Prefix: Free word building

WordNew word

Prefix: Opposite

Opposite PrefixWord

Prefix: meaning (-)


Prefix: which one ? (-)


-   |    

Prefix: meaning (matching) (-)

Prefix: in sentences

/ /

Prefix: meaning in words (-)

Prefix: in context

/ /

Suffix: Guess words in sentences (-)


-------- -------- ()

Suffix: in context (-)


Suffix: Grammatical category-meaning (-)


Suffix: which one ? (-)


-    |    

Suffix: meaning (matching) (-)

Suffix: in sentences

/ /
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